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Our newsletter is designed to help you avoid mistakes, protect your family’s assets, care for your aging loved ones and ensure your future is handled the way you wish. Topics cover important trends such as:

  • The Top 10 Estate Planning myths
  • How to prevent financial abuse of aging parents
  • Nursing home care crisis and Medicaid
  • Does your child need a guardianship?
  • The value of irrevocable trusts in Medicaid Planning
  • Taking Social Security benefits at 62 – good idea, or bad?
  • When should you make gifts to your heirs?
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia planning
  • When’s the last time you reviewed and “tuned up” your trust?
  • 10 Vital Respite Tips for Caregivers
  • Should you consider buying long term care insurance?
  • If something were to happen to us — what happens to the kids?

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One thing is certain: Families change. When change happens, you want to know that you have taken the right steps to ensure that your family’s future has been anticipated and planned for with prudent planning.

Deeb Elder Law Newsletter keeps you up to date with news and developments that affect Florida’s aging population. We offers tips and strategies to give you peace of mind when it comes to Long Term Care and Medicaid Planning, Estate Planning, Guardianships, Powers of Attorney, Special Needs Trusts and so much more.

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